New Project: B&W Studio Portraiture

I'm SO excited to announce that I'm starting a new personal project!

I've been waiting for a new muslin backdrop for the past few months, so in the meantime I completely re-arranged my living space and threw out loads of furniture and possessions to make space for a permanent little home studio!

I obviously had to test it out with a self-portrait, and I'm very excited by the results. What do you think?

This project is massively inspired by David Bailey.

Self-Portrait / Ellen Richardson

Over the next few months I'll be shooting various girls for some super moody portraits, you can view my inspiration on my Pinterest board.

This project is massively inspired by David Bailey. I've always known of his work but I recently stumbled upon a video where Rankin was trying to recreate one of Bailey's iconic photographs, and to see the pair working in the studio just sparked something inside of me.

Watch how I work when creating a self-portrait in my new home studio!

I'm still new to studio photography so this will be a great learning curve, but hopefully one that will open a new door in my journey.